No matter what the issue is, we would like to help you resolve the problem, so you can get up and running as soon as possible. Please read the return policy, limited warranty, and limited lifetime support to understand your rights as a consumer. We will attempt to provide you with options to resolve hardware issues at the lowest possible replacement/repair cost, as per our policies.

Certain cases may be covered under our limited policies; however, with cases not covered by our policies, approved repair or replacement options may be provided at the cost of parts in which diagnosis and labor are typically provided at no cost to customers. Please see below for our written policies regarding purchases:



Each machine shipped has a 14-day return or exchange policy and a limited warranty. Damaged returns or exchanges are subjected to restocking fees.

Shipping damages will be verified, and replacements will be made upon approval of the shipping insurance claim.



Workstation Company seeks to ensure that the advertised performance of our machines is met, and that customer's units are free from assembly defects. Upon registration, purchasers of computer machines are eligible for the two-year warranty program which covers repair or replacement of assembly defects by Workstation Company. This limited warranty does NOT cover:

1. Defects, damages or failures not related to the assembly process completed by Workstation Company;

2. Shipping damage or mishandling;

3. Manufacturing defects or failures covered by the original component manufacturer's warranty;

4. Usage of the product outside normal working conditions or damage by the user;

5. After-market equipment or accessories installed on computer machines, or any defects or damage caused by such items;

6. Defects or damage caused by, in whole or in part, or in any way related to: Accidents, misuse, or negligence; Failure to comply with the instructions set forth in any owner’s manual; Alteration or modification of the computer; Acts of God or other environmental conditions, such as lightning, hail, salt causing rust, or other chemicals in the atmosphere; Failure to properly maintain or service the computer, including but not limited to the maintenance of computer components from normal use; Condensation and the results of condensation including water damage and the growth of mold or mildew. Mold and mildew are natural growths given certain environmental conditions and are not covered by the terms of this Limited Warranty; Failure to seek and obtain repairs in a timely manner; Failure to use reasonable efforts to mitigate damage caused by defects; Improper electric power supply or improper use at outside facilities;

7. Manufacturing or performance defects, damages, or failure regarding any assembly, modification, or manufacturing procedure not conducted by Workstation Company.



Each component has the (OEM) original equipment manufacturer's warranty stated on the manufacturer's website, and Workstation Company aims to work with the customer to replace defective or non-functional components via the original manufacturer's RMA process. Component replacement via the original manufacturer's warranty may vary, and successful replacement is not guaranteed.

In certain approved cases, owners of Workstation Machines may request a paid option for repairs or upgrades to their Machine by Workstation Company.

In addition to these policies, Workstation Company provides a limited lifetime customer support to all purchasers of machine. Limited lifetime customer support may include:

  1. Advice or Support For Upgrading Hardware Components
  2. Advice or Support Choosing Computer Peripherals
  3. Assistance with Replacing Defective Hardware
  4. Resetting Software, or the Operating System
  5. Support for File Storage & Recovery Options

Limited lifetime support is provided based on availability, and no minimum amount of support is guaranteed.

Our support options are limited to e-mail messages, 15-minute phone or video calls, or shipment paid by the customer to our workshop for diagnosis. Due to the limited resources of our company, we currently accept only one active support ticket per product at this time.